Paolo Conte - Colleghi Trascurati

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Название mp3: Colleghi Trascurati

Исполнитель: Paolo Conte

Добавлено: 2016-12-27

Длительность: 03:46


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Текст песни:

I m not afraid, all is forgiven – cause after all, what’s done is done –
move on with grace, slip into space- And when I’m ready, I’ll sing my song-

follow the silence- far from the sadness- leave all the madness -Behind-

I’ll keep on living- I’ll keep on running- passing through hallways -of who I’ve become-
I’ll keep on driving- into the darkness- not scared of falling- I turn my lights on-

cause where I’m from- we carry on-

and keep on living –and keep on running – running towards - what I’ve been running from

I will not hide, fade to submission – you where so wrong- cause I’m still here
I drive through the night, into the ligth – of the horizon - away from the fear-
follow the silence – far from the sadness – leave all the madness – behind

quero ver voce – ja nao quero ser – ja nao quero ter – so quero saber – so quero sentir –
so quero rever – revelei

yes I still believe in love

although I’ve been damaged

yes I still believe in love it’s true

yes I still believe in love

what I’ve been running from

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