NIKO - Climb The Sky

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Название mp3: Climb The Sky

Исполнитель: NIKO

Добавлено: 2016-09-21

Длительность: 04:11


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Текст песни:

when we were children, we believed in every word
'cause when you're young, yeah you'd agree with what you heard
but now i'm crying over all the fights we've fought
why did i keep liven as i was taught
we raise a flag, and soon enough we raise a sword
and kept on screaming, until we started war
at the time i swore that i was right
blindly charging into the night

yeah it's time to give it up, give it up, give it up
makes me sick we've had enough, had enough, had enough
even if i must climb the sky, even if i must climb the sky
i'ma push to rise above, rise above, rise above
fuck/hate the hate, i'm gonna love, gonna love, gonna love
even if i must climb the sky
even if i must climb the sky

now that i'm older, i can see for what it is
fear left over, from stories other people lived
just because it's history, should it repeat?
just 'cause it happened to you, why does it
have to happen to me

i've lost my desire to burn in the fire,
to die as a fighter nothing would be worth that

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