Mario Basanov & Vidis feat. Ernesto - Ism

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Название mp3: Ism

Исполнитель: Mario Basanov & Vidis feat. Ernesto

Добавлено: 2015-04-28

Длительность: 06:44


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Текст песни:


sometimes it's hard enough to make you quit
you think about it 'til your mind in bits
there's no more room for your ontology
you're swallowed hole by this mentality

sometimes it's hard and you just wanna make it
sometimes it's hard enough that you can't take it
some other times you feel inclined to fake it
a reproduction of a costly play

plagiarism - will lead into a runt of
escapism - getting deeper stuck in
modernism - a paradigm in need of

Видео клип Mario Basanov & Vidis - Ism (feat Ernesto)
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