Eddie Vedder - Из фильма В диких условиях. Hard Sun

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Название mp3: Из фильма В диких условиях. Hard Sun

Исполнитель: Eddie Vedder

Добавлено: 2015-08-30

Длительность: 05:21


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Текст песни:

Из альбома
OST - Into The Wild

When I walk beside her
I am the better man
When I look to leave her
I always stagger back again

Once I built an ivory tower
So I could worship from above
When I climb down to be set free
She took me in again

There's a big
A big hard sun
Beating on the big people
In the big hard world

When she comes to greet me
She is mercy at my feet
I see her inner charm
She just throws it back at me

Once I dug an early grave
To find a better land
She just smiled and laughed at me
And took her rules back again


When I go to cross that river
She is comfort by my side
When I try to understand
She just opens up her hands


Once I stood to lose her
And I saw what I had done
Bowed down and threw away the hours
Of her garden and her sun

So I tried to want her
I turned to see her weep
40 days and 40 nights
And it's still coming down on me


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