Brad Sucks - Dropping out of School

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Название mp3: Dropping out of School

Исполнитель: Brad Sucks

Добавлено: 2016-11-24

Длительность: 03:43


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Текст песни:

bell rung honey i wanna run
cause they don't say that i am the nicest and
it's such a nice day to be on the main stay
class skipping and violence and
ordinarily it's scary
baby i don't feel so very good
like you say i should

feeling so excited it's the best thing that i've ever found
(talking down do you)
feeling suicidal there's not a chance i'll be coming around
(dropping out of school)

i'll take a shot but i thought
that you didn't really have any more of your secrets
and you can plan but you won't understand
when the teachers come and jump you at recess and
stomach's turning books are burning
i found better things than learning
yeah i ain't going again unless you hold my hand

i'll be coming around
i'll be coming around
i'll be coming around
i'll be coming around

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