Skunk anansie - Only you

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Название mp3: Only you

Исполнитель: Skunk anansie

Добавлено: 2015-06-03

Длительность: 05:59


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Текст песни:

Lost infidelity, we never said a word
so black and white you see
it's all the lies we've heard
In my mind nothing makes sense
I'm nothing you can't have
cracked up to disagree, that's all we've ever had
you, only you, only you
only you can't be the one (x2)
Your secret smile so quaint
in memories fortold
laughing so viciously,
your concience had been sold
in my face there's no more joy
I'm all that I should be
cracked infidelity, is all you are to me
we don't talk anymore (x2)
we don't care anymore (x2)

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