Skillet - Dead Inside

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Название mp3: Dead Inside

Исполнитель: Skillet

Добавлено: 2015-05-31

Длительность: 02:56


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Текст песни:

To find this love of mine
I'd walk through wind and fire
Forever and always

These hollow hands reach out
For you to touch me now
Forever and always

Dead inside
My heart and soul flatlines
Put your mouth on mine
And bring me back to life
Dead inside
No other satisfies
My blood runs dry

Take my life
Save me from this death inside

Verse 2
I can’t escape this love
I want it the way it was
Forever and always
Don’t you leave me here
Alone in all this fear
Forever and always

I can’t escape this love
I want it the way it was
You remind me of a time
When I felt alive

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