мазяка - грифер шоу тролинг школьников

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Название mp3: грифер шоу тролинг школьников

Исполнитель: мазяка

Добавлено: 2016-04-07

Длительность: 03:07


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Текст песни:

The music got her to
Make her body move
And when a body move, a body groove, a body oh
It got me feeling like
I wanna take her home
But I've been drinking like
I might not make it home
She got that body language when she strut her stuff
She a bad girl and I can't get enough

Don't stop, get it girl
Rocking with the rhythm girl
Morning fun, type one night
Let me hit it, girl
Hit it girl ?x
Hit it ?x

Drop it

Mm, yeah

Body move 4x

I'd really like for you to be my private dancer
Her body smoking
Did she die from cancer?
She dancing hard
Hard as good crack

More fucking hook back
Back ?x
Hook back
Back 5x

So if you with it girl
Then won't you roll with me?
Her body language had me hotter than a stolen jeep

Cool me off, baby
I need an ice pack
The way she bended over and touched her toes
I really like that

Fucking rock it

Fuck ?x
Fucking ?x
Rock ?x
Rock it

Drop it

Let me hit it, girl

Mm, yeah

Body move 4x

Drop it
Hit it

Mm, yeah

Hit it 2x

Body move
Rock it
Body groove
Rock it

Видео клип Грифер-Шоу #16 ТРОЛИНГ ШКОЛЬНИКОВ
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