Курт Вайль - I'm a stranger here myself Ute Lemper

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Название mp3: I'm a stranger here myself (Ute Lemper)

Исполнитель: Курт Вайль

Добавлено: 2016-01-27

Длительность: 03:01


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Текст песни:

Tell me is love still
A popular suggestion,
Or merely an obsolete art?
Forgive me for asking
This simple question;
I'm unfamiliar with his heart,
I am a stranger here myself

Why is it wrong
To murmur, "I adore him!"
When it's shamefully obvious I do?
Does love embarrass him,
Or does it bore him?
I'm only waiting for my cue,
I'm a stranger here myself

I dream of a day
Of a gay warm day
With my face between his hands
Have I missed the path?
Have I gone astray?
I ask and no one understands

Love me or leave me
That seems to be the question
I don't know the tactics to use
But if he should offer
A personal suggestion
How could I possibly refuse
When I'm a stranger here myself?

Please tell me
Tell a stranger
My curiousity goaded
Is there really any danger
That love is now out-moded?
I'm interested especially
In knowing why you waste it
True romance is so fleshly
With what have you replaced it?
What is your latest foibal?
Is Gin Rummy more exquisite?
Is skiing more enjoyable?
For heaven's sake what is it?

I can't believe
That love has lost its glamour
That passion is really pass

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