я безумно скучаю по тебе - пупсик люблю тебя

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Название mp3: пупсик люблю тебя

Исполнитель: я безумно скучаю по тебе

Добавлено: 2016-04-24

Длительность: 03:48


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Текст песни:

Doesn't mean anything to me
Show me the meaning of complete
Did our love go wrong
Once we were so strong
How can I go on?

When you told me you loved me
Did you know it would take me
the rest of my life
to get over the feeling of knowing
A dream didn't turn out right
When you let me believe that
you weren't complete
Without me by your side
How could I know
That you would go
That you would run
Baby, I thought you were
the one

Can't I just leave it all behind
Felt passion so bright that I was blind
Something made me weak
Talking in my sleep
Baby, I'm in so deep and you know I believed


Your lips
Your face
Something that time
just can't erase
Find my heart
Could break
All over again

Когда ты говорил, что любишь меня

Видео клип Ян Марти и Катя Лель - Я люблю тебя и по тебе скучаю
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