Fefe Dobson - Be Strong OST Мальчик в девочке

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Название mp3: Be Strong (OST Мальчик в девочке)

Исполнитель: Fefe Dobson

Добавлено: 2016-09-11

Длительность: 03:30


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Текст песни:

It's ok baby
For you to feel
Take as much time
You need to heal
Such a pretty girl

I was once where you are
So in love
I once had begged
The great lord above
Please bring him home

Be strong
So strong
I know you can baby girl hold on
Be strong
So strong
Cause now your man, baby girl, is gone

He's in another girl's loving arms
You watch her working
Her womanly charms
And you wonder why
You break down and cry

Baby I once cried
Where you cried before
I've heard the same lies
Showed my man the door

It's ok baby for you to feel
Let your tears go by
Just break down and cry

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