Ereez - I'm Alive

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Название mp3: I'm Alive

Исполнитель: Ereez

Добавлено: 2017-04-04

Длительность: 05:15


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Текст песни:

Verse 1---
-Wings spread; I’m a take to the sky
Live in the moment; smile as I bathe in light
For the fun of it, I race with time
Giving my all; I will never stay in line
-Heart’s pumping; blood’s rushing
The fire in my veins, it’ll stop for nothing
I carry on; I gotta be what I must be
My mind is working overtime to roll with the toughest
-I go against the grain and, yes, I will advertise it
So you can understand the weight of what I’ve been sacrificing
Ready for any challenge, so bring it; I have to fight ‘em
No retreat, no surrender, man, I eat ‘em for appetizers
-Lock and load; no time to stop, let’s go
You can’t block my road; I came to rock and roll

-I’m a live my life
I’ll sacrifice everything just to kiss that sky
Take my sight; I can still feel my fire
-I’m alive; destiny calls
I’m ready; begin my ascent to the top
Living a dream life against all odds
Move with the rhythm at all costs
-I’m alive
Take it one step at a time
Even in my last breath I’ll be alive

Verse 2----
-I’m gonna scream and get the very ground to shake
Beat to the pulse of my heart
Make the ocean roll in waves with the sound I make
Sing ‘til the moon starts to fall
-Every breath is a chance to step up
Control is in your hands; hold tight, don’t let go
There’s a story to be written; it’s untold
The author’s in the mirror; find a pen and march on
-I’ve got a vision so I’m walking a fine line
The light that’s in my mind and the darkness you might find
I’m like the blind; looking inward to find sight
Blocking the lies; trying to find meaning in my life
-The time has come for the meek to put your balls on
Grab a hold of your spinal column; let out a small roar
Let the animal in you attack with all claws
As you tell the people you’ll never fall to a lost cause
-You’ve got a goal; you got ambition to see it completed
You won’t be cheated; you keep believing and reaching; you need it
Under heavy pressure but you keep breathing; chest is heaving
Sweat is secreting; you’re bleeding as you’re seeking achievement
-I’ve been ready from the word “go”; earning what I work for
Pedal to metal, kick it to turbo
If I were dynamite, my fuse would never burn slow
Ergo, the little I have can grow to be worth more
-I’m just a player in a scene dreamt up by someone who’s messed up
They got me all dressed up in chains and hand cuffs
But I’m still in control; life is a stage and I will not be a no-show
-So keep an eye open, don’t miss it
Don’t blink as I get to rippin’
This is what bliss is; man, I’m living my wish list
I cherish every moment kuz it’s gone with the quickness
-I can see the gold within a broken stone
I’ll sacrifice the flesh on my bones
And I’ll smile when they call me home, kuz yeah


-Hey we gon’, hey we gon’, hey we gon’ take control

Verse 3----
-Wait a minute, I gotta keep it going
It’s far from over; they told me to slow it; I won’t let go of the moment
‘Cause I control it; they call me hopeless and out of focus
But you can find me writing in silence; I’m chasing my opus
-I’m trying to be abnormal; a beautiful oddity
A picture perfect example for you who would follow me
Inside is the man I ought to be, a diligent prodigy
An anomaly of harmony; an event that you gotta see
-Every syllable’s designed and engineered
To tickle the mental and intertwine with the inner ear
Get sentimental and your eyes begin to tear
Sharpen my pencil; write a couple lines without any fear
-Take a breath and then I scream the lyrics
So every one from the bottom up to the kings will hear it
I come in clean and coherent; don’t mean to seem so serious
Just want my name to echo as the people sing and cheer it
-No sleep; I can rest when it’s all gone
I got the beat in my chest coming on strong
Let me breathe and inject the rest of my stress
In this mess and lament upon ya’ll
-All t

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