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Название mp3: Мамонтёнок

Исполнитель: Детские песни

Добавлено: 2016-09-01

Длительность: 05:06


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Текст песни:

With my eyes shut
I fall out through time
Every star cried
Moments that you stayed
That still

This time you'll find
Can't you take blame
You've set your trial
Something died in flames

We're reversing through time
We can't feel but close to buy
Our words to be this right
Have you sold me out?
But I'm still somewhere around

I used to look out
Face of your type
Surprised that you come
In moment best to play
That's you

But now you're blurred out
I'm sure it serves right
Cause no one looks like
No one never binds your day

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