Держись,Чарлииз сериала - Держись,Чарлина англиском

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Название mp3: Держись,Чарли(на англиском)

Исполнитель: Держись,Чарли(из сериала)

Добавлено: 2016-10-17

Длительность: 00:50


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Текст песни:

Today's All Burnt Toast
Running Late Dad Jokes
Has Anybody Seen My Left Shoe
I Close My Eyes Take A Bite
Take A Ride Laugh Out Loud
There It Is Up On The Roof
I've Been there I Survived
So Just Take My Advice
Hang In There, Baby
Things Are Crazy,
But I Know Your Futures Bright
Hang In There, Baby
There's No Maybe,
Everything Turns Out Alright
Sure Life Is Up And Down,
But Trust Me, It Comes Back Around
Your Gonna Love Who You Turn Out To Be

(Burnt toast, everything not just
And where the shoe again didn't catch.
I've been longing for, people are just a little bit, rassme

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