David Tavare - Summer Love / Amor de Verano Remix

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Название mp3: Summer Love / Amor de Verano (Remix)

Исполнитель: David Tavare

Добавлено: 2016-06-09

Длительность: 05:19


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Текст песни:

In a while...
Maybe you’ll remember,
When we met... on the beach
When you showed me the way

From that day,
We'll always be together
In our hearts, in our minds
Nothing could throw it away


Quiero ver (I want to see)
La sonrisa de tu boca (the smile of your mouth)
El sabor de tu piel (the flavor of your skin)
Con su perfume de miel (with its honey´s perfume)

Quiero ver (I want to see)
El brillo de tus ojos (the shine of your eyes)
El calor de la luz (the heat of the light)
Con la que me miras tú (which you look at me with)


Tu y yo probar las cosas (You and I to try the things)
que tu y yo soñamos justos (that you and I dreamed together)
contigo, ahora y por siempre (with you, now and forever)

Show me the things that we felt thru the time we were dreaming,
Show me now...
Feel it now…

In the past, we used to be together
Every day, of our lifes
Now its fading away

Quiero oir, (I wanna hear)
Los versos de tus labios (the verses of your lips)
Y sentir junto a ti (and feel next to you)
La melodia de tu voz (the melody of your voice)


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