Cristina Vee - Highschool of the Dead english

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Название mp3: Highschool of the Dead (english)

Исполнитель: Cristina Vee

Добавлено: 2015-12-04

Длительность: 01:33


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Текст песни:

Where am I?
As I wake up the sun is bleeding tears through
The sky.

A nightmare turning real
I don't know how to feel
You tell me not to stay
Run away

So I say a little prayer and then I cry
I'm running out of hope and you run out of time
I say goodbye

Goodbye my love
After the end is where we'll meet
Where there's no meaning, kicking and screaming
Falling head over feet
I'll never know
So many questions lie ahead
Is there a future, even with violence
There is only silence from the dead

Видео клип HSotD- "High School of the Dead Opening" ENGLISH
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