Big Pun - Twinz Deep Cover 98 feat Fat Joe

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Название mp3: Twinz (Deep Cover 98) (feat Fat Joe)

Исполнитель: Big Pun

Добавлено: 2015-05-02

Длительность: 03:48


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Текст песни:

Big Punisher

Ready for war Joe, how you wanna blow they spot

I know these dirty cops that'll get us in if we murder some wop

Hop in your Hummer, the Punisher's ready; meet me at Beatles'

with Noodles, we'll do this dude while he's slurpin spaghetti

Everybody kiss the fuckin floor, Joey Crack, buck em all

If they move, Noodles shoot that fuckin whore

Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know

That we riddle to middle men who didn't do diddily

Fat Joe

It'll be a cold day in hell the day I'm taken out

Make no mistake for real I wouldn't hesitate to kill

I'm still the Fat One that you love to hate, catch you at your mother's wake

Smack you then I wack you with my snub trey-eight

Big Punisher

I rub your face off the Earth and curse your family children

like Amityville drill the nerves in your cavity fillin

Insanity's building up pavillion in my civilian

The cannon be the anarchy that humanity's dealing

A villain without remorse, who's willing to out your boss

Forever and take all the cheddar like child support

Fat Joe

I support Pun in anything he does, anything he loves

My brother from another mother sent from the above

A thug nigga just like me, one of the best -- might be

Even better leavin niggaz kneelin on they right knee

Big Punisher

Spike Lee couldn't paint a better picture

You small change, I'm blowin out your brains gettin richer

Fat Joe

Hit you with the Mac (Mac), smack your bitch, nigga what?

You gettin stuck, my trigger finger's itchy as a fuck!

Big Punisher

Trunk jewels (jewels), cruisin in the Land, pumpin 'Cash Rules'

Last crew to want it caught a hundred tryin to pass through

Fat Joe

That's true, so who the next to get it?

GS the best that did it (get it off your chest kid admit it)

Chorus: Pun, Joe

Pun And it's

Joe Here, and you don't stop!

Pun Twenty shot glock with the cop killer fill em to the top

Joe Yeah, and you don't stop!

Pun Joey Crack's the rock, and Big Pun keeps the guns cocked

Joe Yeah, and you don't stop!

Pun We'll make it hot nigga, what bring it I blow your whole spot

Joe Yeah, and you don't stop!

Pun It's still one-eight-seven on an undercover cop!

Big Punisher

Fuck the po-lice, I squeeze first, make em eat dirt

Take em feet first through the morgue, then launch em in the T-bird

The street's cursed, the first amendment's culturally biased

Supposed to supply us with rights, tonight I hold my rosary

tight as I can, I'm one man against the world, just me and my girl

Black Pearl Athena my sena who keeps it real

You know the deal, we steal from the rich and keep it

Peep it it's no secret, watch me and Joe go back and forth and freak it

Fat Joe

Creep with me, as I cruise in my Beemer

All the kids in the ghetto call me Don Cartagena

Kickin ass as I blast off heat, and

you never see me talk to police, so

you should know that I really don't care

Pull you by the hair, slit your throat, and I'll leave you right there

So beware it's rare that niggaz want beef, Big Pun speak

and let these motherfuckers know how we run the streets

Big Punisher
Fuck peace, I run the streets deep with no compassion, Puerto Ricans
known for slashin catchin niggaz while they sleepin, no relaxin
Keep your eyes open, sharp reflexes
Three techses in the Jeep Lexus just in case police ask us
Street professors, Terror Squad, ghetto scholars
Fill the clips off, inflicts the fear of God wh

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